Terms of Service

Bete Nail Products:


The intensity & vibrancy of the polish and dip result will depend on your nail’s characteristics and the quality of the application - we cannot guarantee the intensity of the color or the length of time it will last on your nails, although it will generally last 3 weeks and can often last for longer (please note direct sunlight and the more often hands are washed can shorten the vibrancy and length of the color).  


Although reactions are rare it is recommended that a sensitivity test is done before using these polishes and dips to check against allergic/adverse reactions. These tests are also advisable to see if the polish and dips will work and should give a good indication of actual results. These polishes and dips were designed to be used on human nails only and should NEVER be used on children, or pets.  


Bete Nail will not be held responsible in the event of the misuse of these products or for any adverse or unwanted results.  A full list of ingredients can be found on the bottles or our web site.  All polishes and dips are sold by volume (ml/oz.) and may not necessarily look 'full' in the bottle due to settling in transit. Some staining of linen/clothes etc. may occur due to the un-natural color of these polishes and dips but these should be easily removed by normal washing and staining of sinks/baths etc. can also occur.  Bete Nail will not be held responsible for any items stained by these polishes and dips. The ingredients shown are based on the manufacturers packaging at the time of adding this information, it is advised to always check the label prior to use in case of any changes or updates of the ingredients.



Whilst we endeavor to ensure that the color and description of all items shown are as accurate as possible, items may differ slightly due to the photographic procedure and transferring of images. Most of our photos are taken indoors with flash. Where sizes are given these are approximate. If you have purchased an item that you feel has been misleading please contact us as soon as possible after purchase. Due to Supplier and Manufacturer changes we reserve the right to alter, increase price, remove or amend any product without prior notice. All items shown should be in stock as this is updated daily, however during busy periods we cannot guarantee stock availability. We change and update our stock based on a seasonal basis and customer demand and therefore any item may be removed permanently without notice. Where products are listed as made of a certain material or being vegan friendly etc., we are basing this on the information given to us by our Suppliers and will not be responsible should this prove to be inaccurate. Nail polishes and dips should always be skin/sensitivity tested for allergies prior to use and care should be taken when using these products. We would advise customers to sterilize body & pierced jewelry before use. None of our products should be allowed to enter the eye, swallowed or used internally and care should be taken to keep all products away from children. Bete Nail will not be liable for any damage or staining caused by any of the products sold.